As an account owner, you can invite other members of your team and select the permissions each one should have. 

To invite new users, you need to go to the User Management page of the website. That's the website you want them to have access to. 

You can do this from the home page of your account by clicking on User Management

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Or if you're already withing the website pages, then just click User Management under Settings on the main navigation.

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The User Management page

In the user management page you can see the people that you have already invited and have access to the website.

You can see their access level, edit them or remove them from the account. 

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Under this table you can see the people you have invited and the status of their invitation. 

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Invite a new user

To invite a new user click "Invite User" at the bottom left, enter their email and set the permissions. 

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You can select whether you want the new user to have access to your On-Site campaigns, the Publisher View of the website or both. 

There are three permission levels:

  • Viewer: this user can see analytics and data, but they can't edit anything or invite new users
  • Manager: this user can see campaign analytics and data and they can also report an ad campaign
  • Admin: all the above plus the permission to invite new users or edit company information like the billing details

After you invite a new user, the invite is valid for two days and then expires. If a user hasn't created their new account within two days, you'll need to invite them again.