When you login to your Exit Bee Publisher Account, you see the list of all your websites. To view more data and info on the campaigns running on any of your websites, you'll have to click on "Publisher View".

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Which campaigns are running on your website?

Within the Publisher View, at the Campaigns section there's a list of all the campaigns that were served on the website, including the advertiser, campaign name, impressions and estimated earnings. 

Using the date picker at the top right to filter the results.
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Using the action buttons on each row you can preview or report a campaign

The Website Dashboard

Visit the Dashboard for a quick look on the earnings (today, yesterday, last 7 days, this month) and various other data like split by country or device. 

The dashboard is frequently updated with new data. If you have an idea of data you'd like to see at the dashboard please share your feedback at [email protected]

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