Exit Bee’s technology can detect the intention of the user to leave a website and display an ad exactly at that moment.

How to install the Exit Bee code directly

This is the most straightforward way. All you have to do is put the Exit Bee script code before the closing of the </body> tag. Make sure that the script code is on every page of the website.
The Exit Bee script code is unique per website and stays always the same. So you should not remove it and reinstall it for every ad campaign.

Where can I find the Exit Bee script for my website?

Login to the Exit Bee platform and navigate to your website settings.

How to install the Exit Bee code using Google Tag Manager

This is also a good option when you prefer not to get your engineers involved.
  1. Make sure you have Google Tag Manager properly installed on your website
  2. Login on to you Google Tag Manager Dashboard
  3. Navigate to “Tags” from the left side menu
  4. Click on the “new” button on the top right
  5. Click “Tag Configuration”
  6. Select Custom HTML from the right side menu
  7. Paste the Exit Bee code inside the HTML text area
  8. Click on “Triggering”
  9. Select “All pages”
  10. Click “Save” on top right
  11. Click “Submit” on the top right
  12. Click “Publish” on the top right
  13. Click continue
And you are done!

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