If you’re just setting up your first Exit Bee campaign, simply follow through the following steps and you’ll be turning lost visitors into customers in no time!

1. Login to your Exit Bee account

Click here to login if you haven't already :)

After you login, just lick on "Create my first campaign" to get started.

2. Enter your website

If you’re just starting off with Exit Bee and have logged in for the first time, you need to add your website to get started. Simply enter your website URL and click NEXT.
Don’t worry, nothing goes live till you want it too!

3. Select campaign type

Next, you need to select the campaign type. (Based on your selection, we'll filter the templates that you'll see on the next step)

  • Email subscription: If your goal is to grow the email list of your business
  • Social: If you want to grow your social following and shares
  • Lead generation: If you want to generate more leads from your website visitors
  • Cart abandonment: If you want to make a last minute offer to those abandoning the checkout process
  • Special offers: If you want to promote a product or redirect visitors to a specific page on your website
  • Content promotion: If you want to reduce your bounce rate by promoting content
  • Survey: If you want to get valuable insights from your visitors

4. Name your campaign

After you choose a campaign type, don’t forget to name it! You don’t want to confuse it with all the other campaigns you run on Exit Bee later.
Click NEXT once you’re done.

5. Select a template

Based on what campaign type you have chosen, we display a number of ready-to-use and editable template designs.

Each of these templates are optimised for conversions and are mobile friendly, so take your pick!

You can PREVIEW a campaign template to see how it would appear on your website visitor’s screen. If you’re happy with how it looks, simply click SELECT.

6. Edit the template and make it match your style

You have a base design for your template, now it’s time to give it your unique touch.

Use the editor to make quick changes to the design - content copy, logo, design elements and more.

Double click on text to change campaign copy

Click on any element to edit its properties

When you click on an element, all the available options appear on the right sidebar.

Switch between campaign steps from bottom left

In many cases the templates have more than one step. Navigate between the steps by clicking the step you want to edit on the bottom left.

Once you’re done editing the template, click on SAVE & CONTINUE.

7. Set up your targeting

Now that your campaign is ready, it is time to define when and where you want it to show up for your website visitors.

On this step you can select: On which pages and how often the campaign will trigger and which visitors qualify to see the campaign. 

8. Paste the code on your website

In order to actually activate the campaign on your website, all you need to do is paste the Exit Bee tracking code on all the pages of your website before the closing </body> tag.

After you have pasted the code on your website, click on ACTIVATE THE CAMPAIGN. This will make your campaign go live and start converting your website visitors!

You can also click on CAMPAIGN LIST to view all the campaigns you have created on Exit Bee. Any or multiple campaigns can be activated or paused based on your website goals.

Ps. You can also draft a few campaign ideas you would like to use in future on the dashboard.